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• 2.8GHz iMac Intel Core i7 Computer running the latest version of Digital Performer-Unlimited number of audio tracks/256 MIDI tracks

• Mackie Onyx 1640i Firewire and analog mixer capable of recording 16 tracks simultaneously

• Yamaha Motif 8 Music Productions Synthesizer. 88 weighted keys

• Alesis QS6 keyboard

• Kurzweil K2000 with Sampling Option and Orchestral ROM

• MOTU Symphonic Instrument Universal Orchestra Plug-in (Includes a great Steinway sample)

• Kontact Studio Drummer

• Antares Autotune

• DBX Compressor/Limiter

• Effects: Line 6 Pod XT Live, Alesis Midiverb 4 Deltalab Effectron, DigiTech Vocalist Workstation and more...

• Guitars:
Gibson ES335 TD
Parker Nitefly
Fender Stratocaster Plus
Line 6 Variax Acoustic
Takamine 6 Strings
Takamine 12 Strings
Fender Precision Fretless Bass
Fender Jazz Electric Bass

• Various Microphones including AKG C3000B and Blue Microphone Bluebird

• Various Sound Modules/Drum Machines and other vintage recording gear

Acoustic Piano available
(Additional $125 tuning fee)

The Studio | The Equipment | The Producer | Christian Artists Welcome!
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